Burned Out & Up - January 24, 2020

It's been nonstop busyness all month. Every weekend we've had plans and my calendar is full to bursting with "shoulds".

We had a mandatory meeting at work that all supervisors had to attend - even though it had only 2% to do with me. I busted my backside trying to get caught up enough to attend without a huge cloud of unfinished work hanging over me. (I still haven't finished orders for January)

Some didn't show and I realized there aren't consequences for it. (One of them has missed two mandatory meetings now) (not that I pay attention) (I totally do) (eldest children keep score of injustices)

I admire people who can take time off when they need it. 

How much could I give up if only I were brave (or self-caring)? I want to rest, but feel "duty" keeping my nose on that grindstone.

How's this for something COMPLETELY different?


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