Prussian Blue and Teenagers- January 17, 2020

I'm working from a hotel tonight so I only brought a few colors with me on my trip.  Is nine "a few"? Prussian Blue is the common color between all the hearts. I put salt on each of them and it's magical how different they look from moment to moment! 

Seeing them in the morning will be a treat.

A coworker has had a terrible cough all week and my lungs feel really messy and I'm afraid I've picked up the same thing. 

Hopefully I can make it through the night without coughing my lungs out. Blech - what a way to start a three-day weekend! 

Oh, this guy turned 13 today. On Facebook,  I posted this picture of Kiff with this caption:  12 years and 364 days ago, I wrapped up my last dd's ay of work before maternity leave. There were 2 whole days before my scheduled c-section (I take after my grandmother who had 2 c-sections in the 30's! She was diagnosed with "rigid pelvis". Yay for genetic legacies!). I couldn't wait to enjoy them! 
Then my water broke at 11pm and I had this guy a few hours later (rigid pelvis!). He's grown a little since then and is still stealing my free time! Good thing I like him so much. 


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