Viviva Colorsheets - November 22, 2019

I have a beautiful assortment of art supplies and decided that my little house paintings are the perfect vehicles for experimentation! 

Since this year has been set aside for learning new techniques, I'm limiting my colors. I'm also not so keen on messing up the colorsheet pages with too much back and forth between colors. They're put together in pamphlet form with two colors per page. I used the first two pages for a total of 4 colors: 

It's still a surprise at how saturated the colors are. They blend nicely and are really transparent.  The chalkiness and sedimentary (granulating) look of some watercolors isn't my favorite. 

Tomorrow I'll put roofs on them and do the line work.  I get to go to Blick art supplies tomorrow! (Because I want more watercolors and Danielle Donaldson used new brushes in her latest workshop and I want to try a couple) (I'm still trying to find a good round brush)


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