Thanksgiving Day - November 28, 2019

It's Thanksgiving day and for the second year in a row,  we've gone out to eat instead of cooking.  I'm glad about this for several reasons.  First, not as much together time with family. Tensions can run high when everyone's in close proximity for too long. (Why don't we like each other?) Second, I got to have a burger instead of turkey. And I had mashed potatoes and gravy instead of fries. Oh happy day!

Kenneth sat with his aunt's family instead of with Brian and me. I watched his face as he interacted with them. It was happy. He was laughing.  It's obvious he prefers their company - he always has. Every time I see him like that, I wonder why he was born to me. Why am I the parent God gave him? On the bright side, he lets me have lots of alone time... 

With some of that alone time I had this morning, I drew out a new watercolor block painting using orthogons. 

I learned about this - what should I call it? - design theory at BYU. It has something to do with golden ratios or whatever.  Regardless,  I've never forgotten them and feel like they would really help my painting. 

I got the bright idea to find the book written about them and ordered it through my library's interlibrary loan. It was in German.  Luckily, pictures are the universal language.  And, like Dr. Strange, I am fluent in Google translate! 

I really like the drawing. It feels good. I think I'll use Danielle Donaldson's technique of using a single picture for color inspiration.  Tomorrow, after I go to urgent care for an abscessed tooth! (This happens all the time! The rest of my life is charmed, but not when it comes to my teeth.)

Tonight, after I took painkillers,  I painted this abstract piece based on Josie Lewis' collages. She takes magazines and cuts them up into monstrous (4-5ft sq?) collages which she then resins to make them beautiful and shiny. I'm going to check on her prices,  and maybe, just maybe talk myself into saving up for one...


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