It's No Use Crying Over Cracked Engine Blocks - November 24, 2019

Actually,  it might be.

Halfway to Vegas, our car made a funny vibration when we pulled out of the gas station. It went away, so we didn't think about it again until we got into town and stopped at a light. As we accelerated the car was rough again and then another time as we stopped and went at lights. Needless to say, my hubs and I were a little nervous until we got to our hotel safely. Brian called the dealership and made an appointment for the next day. 
We were in Vegas to meet up with a couple of family members who were in Utah  for Thanksgiving.  It's halfway between our two locations. 
The shop didn't even have our car for an hour before they called and told us it was a cracked engine block. 
We did our best to enjoy the family time - my poor sister had to be our chauffeur for most of the day as we all had different things we'd planned. I owe her big!
$500 later, we were told they couldn't fix the car and we'd have to take it back home and have it looked at there. Apparently you can drive with this problem -even for 300 miles.
And drive we did. With no problems. And hardly any traffic! (Thank you God!)

We unpacked and dropped the car off at the shop here in town. Good thing I'm off work tomorrow because Brian has to take  my car to work!
Fingers crossed we can afford the repairs....


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