Shh - November 19, 2019

Some days are full of this

Reading: Joseph Smith's History (with Kiff since he's 12 and not able to do this on his own)
Learning: I need to recognize my triggers - disappointment is one of them - the house didn't get stuccoed yesterday like expected and I was anticipating its beauty. It wasn't done today either because the color isn't going to be in until tomorrow - fingers crossed. The insulation did get done (yay! cool bedroom in the summer for ONCE?)
Working: Shh (so grateful for days when coworkers are easy to communicate with)
Listening: A bit of Kiff's The Sea of Monsters - understandable why there wasn't a third movie in the series
Playing: As soon as I shower and get into bed (soooooo sleepy), I'm going to play a little Homescapes - it makes me happy
Eating: Chicken Parmesan (I do not like this store-bought kind - homemade for the win) - then tostadas because blech
Looking forward: seeing Mom for Thanksgiving. It's been 5 years!!!!


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