Feeling Blue - November 29, 2019

After dinner yesterday I came home and noticed a soreness in my mouth. When I looked in the mirror I could see that I had an infection in my gums. It freaked me out and I got in the car to see if Urgent Care was open. It was not, but I was able to make an appointment for 8am this morning. I practically told the doctor what to do - write me a prescription for antibiotics! I've got an abscessed tooth! My dentist was wrong when he told me there was nothing wrong when I reported soreness a few weeks ago! My doctor was wrong, too, but that's not her fault when it was a dental thing.

Knowing I had to get up early made it hard to sleep and I started yawning at 630pm tonight.

Here's a picture of a painting I did earlier this year, but just detailed recently. It's gonna have to suffice since I've got nothing in me tonight.

Oh - we went to Best Buy to "look at TVs". And came home with a TV that was bigger than me and cheaper than the old one we're replacing. We christened it by watching episode 4 of The Mandalorian. I did not care for this episode - probably because it was so high-def that it was weird. 

So we put on Nightmare Before Christmas - much better.


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