Cherry-Tangerine Dreams - November 26, 2019

I'm loving how this one turned out! The Viviva colorsheets are so lovely! 

The car is in the shop until they can find a new engine for it. I begged a ride for a couple of days from my coworker who only lives a couple of blocks away and he was really nice to agree. (I hope my being his supervisor didn't scare him into doing it..... )

Brian came home in such a good mood tonight - I love it when he feels carefree (with a car in the shop, no less!). That's the cute guy I married...

It's supposed to start raining tonight.  I can't wait! 

Today is my sister Meagan's birthday. She would have been 45 yo. Five years ago she died from an accidental overdose after knee surgery. I still catch myself reaching for the phone to call or text her. It doesn't feel like she's gone. Does that mean heaven is close?


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