One Thing After Another - February 5, 2020

I woke up at 530am to an acrid smell. My husband was in the hallway and I asked what the smell was. Yesterday I got the new dishwasher arm I'd ordered and I installed before going to bed (I'd taken the arm out on other occasions to clean it with no problems). The arm had come off during the wash cycle last night and melted on the heating element,  breaking it in two. 
I called in to work that I'd be a couple hours late and texted my new ROC volunteer not to come in. When I got to work at 10am, I found the volunteer had been sent to the library anyway by his teacher and there has been a ton of confusion what to do with him since I wasn't there. Then I unintentionally offended a coworker who could not be comforted (healing and forgiveness take time).
It was one thing after another today...

But this watercolor heart was a beautiful surprise. And the sunset as I was leaving work was breathtaking.  

Tomorrow's another day, one that hopefully won't involve accidents or high emotions. 



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