Diametric - February 26, 2020

Life's ups and downs.

I got yelled at at work for something completely unfair.
I was wrong about sending someone an important document. It's now weeks late.
Tears got the best of me in front of the person whom I most dislike being vulnerable in front of.
My husband went home sick from work and we couldn't go out tonight like I'd hoped.
My sister texted me on the way home from work that one of my favorite people in the world died.

My new roses are leafing out.
My new lilac is more than just a tiny Groot-stick and has little leaves at the base.
I got to eat cheese tostadas for dinner with Costco salsa. Heaven.
I watched an art video by Laura Horn and it was wonderful.
My son was kind to me tonight.
The world has Cadbury mini eggs in it again.


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