Even though I've been working nearly every Saturday that we have the kids, I've still wanted the opportunity to do family activities. While driving home from work last night - I had an idea for an activity. The wildflowers are blooming!

After church, I had everyone rush around and put on outside clothes while I put the roast on and we got into the car and drove a couple of miles to where the hills and open spaces start. We simply pulled off to one side of the two-lane road and got out. We climbed up the hillside and this is what I saw...

Someday I will have lived here long enough to know what this flower is called (anyone? anyone?). The hillsides are dotted with them and I picked a huge bunch to take home. Kenneth spent his time (and, consequently we had to spend OUR time) running and running and running. Up the hill and down the hill and across the grass and on and on.

Here's one of my favorites... I love the flowers on the horizon...

Kenneth is being held down by his arms - one on each side. This was the second try for this shot. He escaped the first one (and started running down the hill...). *sigh*

Stay tuned for more Fossil Falls...


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