Watercolor Wednesday

Kenneth was picked up early today by my sitter (sister-in-law), so I had an unexpected hour. My paints were still in my bedroom (of course - why would they be anywhere else - sheesh!) so I cleared off my bed and arranged the works in progress on my trusty art board (I've had it since high school) and got to work.

There was a moment when I thought to myself, I've done enough for today - anymore and you'll start to ruin them.

But I continued on.

And I think I've ruined several.

Live and learn, eh?

I like this one. Maybe.


dleisert said…
I like it. Can't explain why, but it makes me smile.

debra (yes, that one)
Heather Eddy said…
Woo hoo! Thanks for saying that!
RoMo said…
Way to go! You just jumped in there and did it!

(Wish I could...)
Mary Jo said…
lovely...did the cat help??

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