Out Walking

On Monday I was having one of those "Can Do" days where my mind knew exactly what I had to do, in what order and how long it would take. I graded my papers, packed up my Etsy orders, started dinner and got Kenneth ready to go to my work so I could pick up some things I'd left in someone's office. When we got in the car, I couldn't help but notice how pretty it was outside - the clouds were huge and puffy, the sun was clear and shining and it felt like SPRING!

But I had errands to run. At that moment, I cursed my choices that gave me so little time. Quickly, I ran over all my errands to see if there was anything I could postpone - not really. If I had my way, I'd have been back at the house to get my camera and pack up the kid and head for the hills. What great photography weather!

But I am a grown up now and I have responsibilities. So I finished the errands (only took two hours and some of that was spent at the park with Kenneth!), came home, picked up the camera and went on a walk.

I looked like a complete loon laying down on the sidewalk to take pictures of dandelions in front yards. But I'm 41 and I don't care what people think much anymore.

And I really like mushrooms...


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