Sneak Peek for November

Here's a little peek at what is in store for all you book folders in the next few days... I finished folding up the prototype this morning and it turned out better than I'd hoped! Now I just need to fuss the pattern up and it will be ready to post... (December's is in the works, too!)

Here's another sample of my crocheted stones. I am trying very hard to allow myself to use the types of rocks we have here in Bakersfield and not seek only for the smooth, flat river stones I've seen others use for this craft. The rocks here are rough and crystalline. They are also mostly browns in color. Isn't it hard to see how you slavishly copy others because that is "the right way to do something" and fail to do it either the way you have at hand or allow yourself to do it the way that is "you"?

With that thought I asked myself why I was copying crochet patterns at all - why I was insisting on doing uniform rows or rounds. I prefer asymmetrical and freeform sometimes. At least, I did last night... Here's my first foray into a more organic crocheted rock. The shape of the rock is more triangular and it is sooooo smooth. I love touching the back of it. I experimented with crocheting on top of other stitches, using long threads to connect (I guess you could call them really loose stitches) sections and mixing up the lengths of everything. I rather like how it turned out. I'm not sure the picture does it justice - it looks a little bulky, but it isn't at all...


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