November Free Pattern

Happy November to you all. Here is a tutorial for all you book folders out there for an acorn. I hope you enjoy making it. It was a lot of fun (and hard work) to put it together.

Hopefully this will get easier over time! I have to keep relearning things!


Unknown said…
Hello i just stumbled across your blog and love the look of Book folding art. I'm very new to this as in just found this yeasterday. i would love to try making this acorn. I have a question, is there a intro to making these book or have a website I can look at to see how to do this.
kristin said…
Does the template need to be the size of the page edges?
Heather Eddy said…
@kristin - no, it doesn't need to be the size of the paper. It just needs to be centered top to bottom (give it a tiny bit more room on the bottom so it doesn't seem like it's too low). If you enlarge or reduce the pattern, it can make a difference in how the end product looks. Try it on a scrap paperback if you have one around to test different sizes!

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