Kern Canyon in the Fall

It's been very gray here in Bako for the past several days. We didn't let that get us down this weekend as we decided to go to the river together as a family and shoot things with beebee guns. Actually, the boys shot things. I looked for rocks. Did I spell beebee right?

The river was really low and quiet. It wasn't that rushing torrential flood that we had most of the summer and was a welcome sight. I always get worried about losing my kids to the waters. This time the rocks were so far out of the water that we could nearly walk across in some spots. Still, with it cloudy, you never know if a sudden rain is going to change everything and kill your entire family in the process. Yes, I think thoughts like that.

I found the neatest looking rocks. At first I thought it was a white-spotted red sock, but then I noticed that all the rocks had those polka dots on them. The granite is just really weird in this part of the river. I'll take pictures of the polka-dotted rocks and post them later... I'm such a tease!

With the water so low, I was able to walk further down along the river's edge and look at stuff. This is as far as I can go in this direction because the log blocks my way. I thought the hole in the rotting wood was pretty. There was also a spot where you can tell water eddied and piled up a bunch of wood. The wood is all worn into lovely rounded shapes. I think this particular piece sums up how I felt...


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