Flower Brooches

Using the same shapes I wrote about in yesterday's tutorial, you can also make these brooches.

I used about 21 circles for these brooches. Fold them all up into the single basic shape. I received an email from a friend today and she said it is called a preliminary base. I am taking her word for it because she is much more learned than I when it comes to origami. I don't know the words, I just fold. 

Holding one shape closed, put a bead of hot glue along one folded edge.

Put a second shape on top of the first one. Then glue the rest in the same manner. 

After you've glued as many together as you like - I did 21 for the pink buttoned one - glue the ends together to make a hemisphere. 

I have a badge maker that I bought last year to make badges for my Etsy shop (a goal for 2012?). Using that, I covered several badges with kraft paper and glued the hemisphere to the badge. Then I glued a button that matched the paper to cover the hole.

A word of caution: beware of putting pink or red buttons on old book paper brooches. They look a bit anatomical. I need to change the pink button on the left brooch. The paper is much lighter than in the picture and it looks, uh... youknow, nudge nudge, wink wink.

I wore the middle one to work today. It weathered getting snagged by my seat belt, hugged by my son and squashed by books. All in all, a sturdy piece of work, a definite keeper.

As long as I don't accidentally make any more basooma ones ...


Unknown said…
I love what you do ....
Melanie said…
Basooma ones huh?

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