Happy November!

October went out of my life very quietly. I was not feeling well for a couple of days and slept as much as I could. Alas! No art was finished!

Still, the Eddys celebrated Halloween for the first time in their own neighborhood and we enjoyed watching the parade of trick-or-treaters all evening. Last year we weren't home for some reason and Kiff still didn't understand the concept of it all. The other two kids were a little old for trick-or-treating so we didn't encourage it for them - we'd had a church function where we let them gorge on candy.

This year Kiff DID understand all the hoopla. For the last week, he's been asking how many more days until Halloween. He's been learning the days of the week and it's been fun to watch him do the weekday song and add in his own bits. Anyway, here are the Eddys celebrating in the ways they do best:

Brian is so uncomfortable in front of the camera. He can't help striking a pose!
Brian has a fog machine and a ton of glycerine he got for free at work. He made his own fog juice and played with it all evening. We sat in the front yard eating pizza at a card table. He turned on the fog just as people would start walking up to our house. The kids would go to the front door and Brian would put on a deep voice and say, "Happy Halloween."  from the gloom. Scared some kids silly.

Balloon Boy! Everyone thought he was from Up. Oh well.
I took Kenneth out trick-or-treating. As we walked up to the first house, I quizzed him on what he was supposed to do: knock on the door, say "Trick or Treat!" when they answered, say "Thank you" and "Happy Halloween" as he walked away. I was a bit choked up as I watched him walk up by himself (he's not afraid of anything!!!) to the door and knock. My baby is growing up!

When the woman answered he launched into song: "Trick or Treat! Smell My Feet! Give me Something Good to Eat! If you don't, I don't care, I can see your underwear." I froze. He said 'underwear' to a complete stranger.

After a hard night of begging for candy. He's pooped.
We cut off all the balloons when we came back. Then we attached glow sticks to them and let them go into the night. We hope they scare people into thinking they see UFOs.

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