Paper Flowers

The paper flowers in the picture are taken from an idea in the book called, appropriately enough, Fanciful Paper Flowers: Creative Techniques for Crafting an Enchanted Garden. I got really excited when I saw this book in my library's catalog because paper + flowers = love! Well, the book itself is a little disappointing - the first paper flower crafts are from paper flower punches being used as embellishments. Whoop-dee-doo. Anyway, this particular craft is made using paper towel tubes. I'm not sure why, but my paper didn't stick too well to the inside of the paper towel tube, so it lifted a bit when I cut the pieces. The directions also call for you to paint the edges of the exposed tube. It's a crazy-tiny edge and I sucked at the paint job. Therefore, I glitter-glued the edges. Glitter hides many a mistake. I had enough paper towel tube to make these three flowers.

They are the last paper towel tube flowers I will make.


Anonymous said…
Hi Heather!! This is a super cool project!! I wonder if it would work easier using just a nice thick patterned paper? I love the glitter edge - much prettier than a painted edge, it's adds a nice touch of glitz and glam! I'm adding this to my list of projects to try, i think this would look stunning on a card or layout! TFS!!
Heather Eddy said…
Oooh... thanks for the idea! One other thing about these flowers was that they were just a bit too big. I was thinking of trying toilet paper rolls, but why use the cardboard at all? I would have far more variety using just paper... Let me try it and I'll post the results. Thanks!

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