Mixed Blessings

At just before noon today I received a call from my husband that my son had gotten into the babysitter (my sis-in-law)'s medication and swallowed some pills and would I please meet them at the emergency room. After the initial thrill of fear went through me, I made my way to the hospital and in about 10 minutes, everything was declared fine. He'd just swallowed half of an aspirin and he would be just fine. Hurray for that. I nearly asked the nurse to give my sis-in-law a sedative because she felt so horrible. I was not worried and did my best to help her. Since a mere hour had passed since Brian's call, I decided to head back to work. You know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men, don't you? Well, my car decided to die. And die. And die. Every time I took my foot off the gas, it died. I coasted into a car repair shop where a nice young auto mechanic offered to diagnose my car's ills and took my poor car away then and there. My sis-in-law had to then come rescue me. Forty-five minutes later (and I had NOTHING with me to do!!! Bad artist! Bad librarian!), she came and got me and took me home.

I had an unexpected amount of time given to me. So I puttered around, did a few chores and then allowed myself some time to ponder and to make ornaments. I think they are turning out better now. The one on the right was made a bit smaller (to fit the picture) and it turned out much differently than I expected. Much tinier. Dainty, even.

I have been thinking that I want to do something important. I would like to write a book. When I see other peoples' blogs, I see that they do so much with their lives. Granted, many of them work at home, so my opportunities may be more limited, but I would like to find something that I could offer to the world. It's time for more pondering.


Allyson said…
I love you sis!
~j~ said…
I for one cannot believe how much you get done as it is. I'm trying to be a lot more disciplined about my writingso I can get a second book published and not have it take 20 years of accumulating poems ;)

love ya girlie!-********************************
(darn cat is napping on the keyboard again)

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