Paper Flowers - minus the tubes...

So I tried another flower tonight without the paper towel tube - just the paper. I like it, but it is STILL too big! I need a dainty flower. Like me. (uh... that was a joke)

And I punched out a whole bunch of these little flowers - I have an idea for a garland I want to try. More later!


emve said…
Those look great!

PS: I have a new blog!
Heather Eddy said…
Thanks for popping in! I'm so glad you commented because I never know if anyone reads it... :)
Anonymous said…
Oh using just paper for these flowers turned out really nice too!! I know you said about making them smaller, but this is beautiful - you don't give yourself enough credit!! Smaller you say though....what about just cutting smaller strips of paper? Scale down the original version. I still have this on my list to try, I want to add it to a spring time card!! Again thank you for the wonderful inspriation!!

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