New Look

A new look for my blog - three columns and a new header image. I like it and think it captures what I do, too.

Today my husband and I went to his folks' home, him to watch the Steelers win, me to have a few minutes' peace and quiet. When we visit, Kenneth Calvin is grabbed by his grandparents and I don't have to watch him as closely, nor does he cling to me like he does here at home. It's a lovely break.

I took a box of supplies with me, hoping to have a few minutes to myself in the back room to cut out hearts and ornaments. I got several done before I was required to help get dinner and interact with other relatives who came later. The picture at the top of the post is the pile of pricked papers that I make the hearts from. I found it works better to prick the paper than to trace a pattern with pencil. I cannot cut it neatly enough to get rid of pencil lines! The picture below is of the strips I cut from paperback book covers, ready to make into ornaments. What am I going to do with them?


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