Everybody Puts Books in the Corner!

When I realized that I'd covered all of my flat wall surfaces with books, all that was left was to try the corner. Hey! Guess what! They look GREAT! The words are so much easier to read. These three books are in the corner of my stepdaughter's room. By stapling them to the wall in the middle of the covers where the folds are, the books look like they are floating.

In watercolor news, I've learned something. Never take pictures of your work while wearing a bright pink shirt. Can you see the rosy cast on the bottom of the picture? Sheesh... Now I have to take the pictures all over again! Still, I like the new colors I've been trying - purple houses! green roofs!

Here's hoping your day is wonderful and good.


Jo Murray said…
Clever you...AND I do like the little watercolours.
Anonymous said…
What did you use to hang the books in the corner???? I want to display some of mine like that now!

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