An Apple a Day...

I find that if I take just a little bit of time every day to do something creative - baking, folding a book, dabbing a bit of paint on paper - that I feel better. Just a few minutes does it.

It's like yoga for my heart, I suppose.

Tomorrow is Apple Day at my son's school. The students are supposed to bring their teacher an apple so she has healthy fruit to eat. To be honest, it feels kinda weird to ask students to bring their teachers food, but there you are.

In my rebellion or show-offiness, I made Kenneth's teacher a book apple. I simply carved one of my Reader's Digest books into an apple shape (thank you to the apple which gave its last gasp to be a template pattern and its stem) and painted it with three different inks. I teased the book around to hold a nicer shape and hot glued it open. I popped the stem into the top with a length of ribbon to act as a leaf and - voila! An apple that never spoils.


Ann Martin said…
Very clever! I have a feeling she'll love it. :)
Lindsey said…
Super cute! She'll probably have that apple forever!

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