Catching Up

On the desk tonight - further work on my little houses. I'm branching out into new and excited color combos. Red became my favorite color when I got married, but lately my previous love for purple is coming back. Who knows what psychological meaning that has! (Please note the tall glass of ice water - still not really drinking much real Diet Pepsi)

Kenneth continues with his great imaginings. The other day my father-in-law unearthed these weird little glasses over at his house. I think they came from doll-making stuff. They fit Kiff pretty well. He asked me to draw a scar on him so he could wear the ensemble to school. Unfortunately, his teacher didn't let him keep it. :(

Here are my every-other-weekend kidlets - Alex and Kenzie - dressed in their finest for their First Ever Church Dance!!! I heard that Alex even gave in and danced a little at the end. (Please don't make me go again, Dad! After you learn social skills, son, I won't make you go anymore.)

The Friends of the Library are having a Children's Book Sale for one day only next Saturday the 31st. I was asked by one of the volunteers to make a bouquet of flowers to decorate the money-taking table. It turned out quite well, I think. :)


Beautiful post. LOVE the bouquet!
Allyson said…
Great pictures sister. I can't believe how much the kids have grown. Love it.

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