Peace and Quiet (at my in-law's house)

I HAVE NO EMPTY TABLE SPACE IN MY HOUSE. And no peace and quiet.

So, this morning I called my father in law, Ken, and requested the use of his table for a couple of hours. (It helps that I l♥ve his lady friend and she was there, too.) I went to the FasTrip, got a soda, drove to his house (1 mile away) and plopped myself down at his (blessedly clear) table. I spent a lovely couple of hours figuring out how to fold butterfly patterns. It was quiet. And all too short of a visit. (If you can call ignoring the other people in the house a "visit")

Here's the first "draft". It will be followed by many other drafts until I get it just right. This part of designing is a little tedious because there's nothing for the process but to fold the whole pattern again and again until it looks just right. You can see that I missed a couple folds in the right antennae of the butterfly. That means either that I left out some steps or forgot a fold when folding it (now that's not a redundant statement). See? Even experienced folders make mistakes!

FYI: This is the first of a total of ten butterflies in the works...


Cute! Can't wait to see more!
Patty R said…
Your talent amazes me - happy folding to you.

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