What Would You Like Me to Blog About?

Dear Readers - I've been giving a lot of thought as to what I want to share and do in my blog this year. I know that in the past I've tried just talking to myself and making the blog for me.

Guess what? I'm not interested in me quite that much. I know I've shared several things with you over the years I've had the blog - mostly folded books, watercolor, paper art, some cooking, some family and many thoughts and musings.

I've loved it when you've given me feedback and comments. It's wonderful to see flickers of light and love out there.

So, my question to you is --

What do you want me to share with you?

I have a few ideas, but I in no way want you to feel like this is all I'll do:

1. Folded books - ideas for embellishing, designs, ups and downs, failures and triumphs
2. Watercolors
3. Paper art
4. Cooking - candy, chicken, (candied chicken?), family menus for families who are VERY PICKY, etc.
5. Goals
6. Spiritual views
7. Family
8. Dream house ideas - I want to turn my house into a fantasyland for art. My husband is actually okay with that. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Anyway, maybe I can get brave and go ahead and trim my doorways with rocks and cut branches, paper my walls with book boards, hang my curtains on tree branches... whaddaya think?

And I'm open to other ideas.

I'd like to post at least once, maybe twice a week for a whole year. I want to experience and share and LIVE.

Please let me know your opinions. If you prefer, you can email me directly (princessheah{at}yahoo{dot}com)!

Thanks to all in advance,


d.guff said…
I am totally interested in anything that is paper related, and especially book oriented - also your wonderful folded papers...please continue with these

d. guffey
Kelly said…
I've always loved your introspective posts. You have a wonderful point of view and express yourself clearly and with a beautiful wit. I think your comment about "experience" and "live" is the key. We've all told ourselves to live more in the moment, be aware of what is happening to us and who we're interacting with and how. I'm always looking for inspiration. Whatever you do, don't stop. We all look forward to your posts.
Frances said…
Your talents with all sorts of paper are amazing. I cannot imagine anyone ever tiring of learning more of this skill from you.

Still...I'd like to think that you will be feeling completely comfortable in letting your blog's frequency and content be a result of whatever you wish to do at any particular moment in time.

I know that I will greatly enjoy whatever routes you choose. xo

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