A Goodbye Gift

One of my most favorite people at the library got a new job and left us today. In honor of Berta's going, I made her a book. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of it because, in my tiny brain, if I took a picture, SHE'D KNOW WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE BEFORE I GAVE IT TO HER.Therefore, Berta took a picture for me and posted it that evening. It says "Berta" and has a heart on either side of her name.

I'm sure people look at me when I do stuff like that and cluck their tongues, shake their heads and murmur "All that education and not a drop of sense."

Luckily, Berta took a picture FOR me and I'm posting it here. See? My favorite part is the 'e' shaped like a heart.


LindaSonia said…
What word does this book folding say???... sorry, but I can't make it out except for the B and the heart??
amy said…
Awesome! I've gotten all your eBooks! I can't wait till I'm this good!

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