Repeating Patterns With Fancy Folding

My Fancy Fonts and Shapes tutorial teaches you how to fold nearly any type of script or pattern into a folded book by making your own templates. I got the idea to combine the concepts in FF&S with my Basic Folded Books tutorial where I show how to make repeating patterns to then make a hybrid type of pattern using a fancy font design and repeats.

This hybrid pattern involves breaking up a fancy fonts design into three parts: Start, Repeat and End. You'd make up three sets of cards - one for each part of the pattern. You'd then fold one set of the Start pattern, repeat as many of the Repeat patterns as you had pages for, and leave enough pages to fold one set of the End pattern.

If you click on the image below, you can print it out and create your own template(s) to fold a REALLY fancy book - one that looks like a huge long pattern which is adaptable to ANY size book that has enough room for at least one set of each part of the original pattern.

This Reader's Digest book had 287 fold-able pages. I had enough pages to 1) make the Start 2) repeat the middle pattern (Repeat) four times and then 3) had enough pages for the end until I messed up (had to tear out 10 pages) and ended up being three pages short. Still, the idea is sound, even if my  folding wasn't.If you had a book with fewer pages, you'd do fewer linked hearts. More pages? Yay! A huge LOOOOOOOONG line of hearts! Woot!

What other repeating patterns can you come up with for repeating fancy patterns?


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