What Blog Reader Do You Use?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Since Google Reader shut down, I've been at a loss how to follow my blogs. I've been trying Blog Lovin' for a while now. It has a silly name and the format isn't as user friendly. Does anyone have other suggestions?


Holly said…
I use it, too, and don't like it. Most people who reach my blog come through feedly, but I can't figure out how to transfer the 100+ blogs I troll over to it, so I'm stuck. Hmm.
Lindsey said…
I use Feedly and love it!
CJG said…
I use Reedah and it's the closest to Google Reader that I could find in the short time there was. I was waiting for the Digg reader, but it didn't come out in time. Reedah isn't perfect, but it's served me well!
Dorothy said…
Feedly. It's probably too late to "transfer" your list to Feedly, since Google Reader has closed down. I transferred mine when Google Reader announced they were shutting down. But setting up your list on Feedly is easy.

I like the PC/Web version and the iPhone version. I find the Android/Kindle Fire version of Feedly buggy and they haven't resonded to my queries about the bugs.
Mormor Marianne said…
I use Old Reader. Think it is OK.

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