Paralyzed From the Brain Down - April 3, 2020

To say the past weeks have been weird is an understatement. I have been trying to work from home, but it's difficult. What's worse is that I'm home more, but am completely unable to paint! I'm paralyzed and I can't figure out what's wrong. My husband says all psychological problems are inherently fixable if you can articulate what the problem is. So when I can't articulate it, I feel worse, like it's only ME standing in the way of feeling better. If only I were smarter.
One fun thing is that my siblings and I are all talking more online. Yesterday we had the best conversation because one never-available-when-we-group-call sibling actually took part! Unfortunately, they also got mad when I took a (lot) screenshots. I touched up one of the screenshots to show how they should really feel about me. 

I'm thinking of downloading some filters for my next meeting at work and looking like the potato lady I can't stop laughing at this picture. 

And laugh…

A Rare Marriage

My husband, Brian, writes poetry. He's been more of a fiction novel writer these past few years, but had an idea the other day. He proposed that we collaborate on a book of poetry and paintings. He'd write poems based on my watercolors and I can do the same for his poetry. 

This proposal was in an email and he attached an example for me using a watercolor he'd grabbed off my art table.

I Rise
From the depths I espy her,
Far above me, pale and luminous,
So unlike any I had ever known,
To greet Selene I rise, I rush.

Bursting through the natural bonds,
Into another world I climb,
So new, this unyielding earth,
Glorious, bathed in her radiance sublime.

She had filled my sky,
And I flew to touch her soft face,
But here, removed from my reality,
She is so far beyond my embrace.

Even as my heart flutters in awe,
Heavenly ethers clear,
Blinding, brilliant, baffling, beauty,
She looks down upon this sphere.

What darkness is about me?
Oh! How little I knew the light.
She burns the world with cold fire,
And I am bless’ed for the sight.

So tall the trees beneath her gaze,
Giants washed in a silvery fount,
Yet she rises higher, ever higher,
The Goddess’ nightly journey mounts.

It's a first for our marriage and a beauty at that.


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