Stitching on More Paper

If you are good with many false starts you may continue reading. Remember the photos I posted a while ago with the stitched paper? The darn thread is so slippery and fine that I'm ho-hum about the project. The paper twine that I bought from Paperphine is still taunting me with its "there-ness" and I'm trying to use it again.

If the twine is too thick and unwieldy, I figured that I just need to use bigger paper with bigger holes. So here:

I took a page out of a large encyclopedia dictionary. I layered two pages together with some kind of Wonder Under-type stuff. Then I poked large holes with a dart. (Of course I used a template I printed off the computer)

The paper twine is heavy enough to use without a needle. The problem I keep having is that it is so stiff it doesn't pull through the holes easily. Several holes have ripped while I've pulled the twine through. I don't know if this one will work either! It also doesn't lay nicely on the paper. It looks nice in this shot because I've only done a few. The ones after this are getting wonky. Oh well. I'll take another break from it and see if I can come back to it fresh...

In the meantime, I let the boy play with the dart because there is nothing more fun than poking holes in things.


Allyson said…
Has that boy not grown in the last year? I think I have a picture of him wearing that shirt when you came to visit last year. Nice work on the paper threading though
Heather Eddy said…
The shirt *finally* fits him. It was a 6-8 and was more like a nightgown last year. :)

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