I Am the Cheese

I have learned how to make cheese! With a kit from here and a gallon of milk and a half hour, this is what I ended up with:

I used to see the fresh mozzarella balls in the deli cases back East when I lived in NY. I believe I even tried some. Still, it was too expensive for me to buy again.

All it took was a gallon of whole milk, the rennet table, citric acid (which I already had on hand for making homemade dishwasher soap) and cheese salt. I made this late in the evening so I could not take pictures of the process. Needless to say, it's rather unappetizing to watch. Milk tends to do gross things.

The next day I took my cheese from the fridge and made pizza. With pesto sauce made from the basil in my windowsill. With dough I made with my bread machine. Yay me! Another goal from the 101 DOWN!

Even the boy likes it.

A meal with a view...


Unknown said…
It always feels good to make something from raw ingredients .Three cheers for you . There's nothing like fresh , eh!
April Hajek said…
You are an inspiration! You are amazing.

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