Coastal Inspiration

My sister April is a nanny in New Jersey. This past week, her family flew out to San Diego for an extended stay. Brian and I took the opportunity to crash on her hotel room couch and see some of the sights. (The family had given her a private room so she would have time by herself)

Our first site was the San Diego temple. It was on my 101 goals to-do list. Check! With the three of us we were able to do sealings for tons of names April had brought with her. She's so proud of herself for finding all of them through

There were beautiful poppies in bloom. I took many, many pictures. I might hurt you with all the pictures I took. Be prepared.

Next we went to the La Jolla beach. It was really crowded so I was a bit self-conscious at first about doing my normal scavenging for neat things in the sand. Then I forgot about everyone and let them all see my booty sticking up in the air and the treasures down the front of my shirt as I bent over. It's my way of giving back to the world...

This is my beautiful sister April. We share a birthday. We're 8-year apart twins. She's going to go to school to be a psychologist and I think she's going to be amazing.


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