Folding and Vacationing

folding a book while waiting at Denny's...

My family and I have been in the wilds of Utah this past weekend. I brought all of my beads and three books to fold. I finished folding all three books by the middle of the second day of traveling. Weird. I surprised even myself.

It's been a busy week, visiting several different family members and juggling emotions and temperaments. Part of me says vacations would be better if I were rich and could afford to stay in hotels. That way I could avoid a lot of the hurt feelings that come from spending more time with the person you are staying with than the others. *sigh*

Anyway, more traveling tomorrow... Yay.


Hello you book-folding wonder! I bet the folk at Denny's were checking out your fancy folding.

Enjoy your vacation.
Heather Eddy said…
I do get looks, but most people ignore me. Every so often, I get a very curious person who asks me what I'm doing. Occasionally it's with a frightened voice (That woman is damaging a BOOK! Call the guards!)...

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