Oh What a Week!

While I drive to work, my mind is always full of what I want to record about life to my blog. When I get time to write on the blog, I go blank.

Ah life!

I have been making a point of doing something important every day for the past week. I will get up in the morning and work on a batch of beads for my Etsy shop - I've made a list of all the regular sellers and am in the process of printing pages of beads of each one. Then, assembly-line-like, I will cut each one up, then roll them all, then make all of them into jewelry. I have a quota I'm doing for each one. Hopefully, I will have enough to last me through the Christmas season as I will not have time to make anything due to teaching classes again. Oh what we do for money... (which reminds me of something horrible I found out yesterday of what someone I know does for money - but horrible things have no place in this blog today!)

My efforts to exercise have restarted and I HAVE EXERCISED FOR 15-20 MINUTES EVERY DAY FOR SEVEN DAYS IN A ROW. We have a Wii and I've been doing that. I figure that 20 minutes on the Wii is better than no exercise at all. It does make me feel like I'm doing *something*.

And I've withstood buying any Dove chocolate this week. Even though it's on sale at Rite Aid for $2.99/bag.

I've finished a major part of my monthly meal planning stuff, too. I made up a chart on a white board that has all 25 meals on it that my family regularly eats. The chart is actually a table of 28 squares that I've labeled with each of the meals' names and a list of ingredients underneath. Then I made up a bunch of same-sized cards with the name of the meal on it and laminated it and stuck a magnet on the back so that IF I HAVE THE STUFF FOR THE MEAL, that label will be on the meal board. After we've eaten that meal, the magnet part is taken off and put on the side of the fridge, just showing the ingredients. That way, I know to add those ingredients to my shopping list at the end of the month. And now we know at a glance what meals we have to choose from in our pantry. No more guessing what to make for dinner!

The great thing about this is that I've made up a bunch of meals and they are in the freezer. Just pull one out in the morning and bake it at night. Easy peasy.

I think this idea has merit because we went grocery shopping (for the whole month in mind) and spent only $57. I still have to go to Costco on Thursday night for some other stuff, but I've never gotten out of the grocery store with spending that little before. And knowing that it was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. ooh...

Friday was my five-year anniversary. I actually felt a great sense of accomplishment for that. Since it's the odd year, it was my turn to plan our time together. I had Saturday off (!!!!), so asked Brian if he wanted to go to the beach. We've never been there as a couple. We went to Pismo - 2 1/2 hours away - as a trio - Kiff, too. The beach was clean, with soft sand and freezing cold water. I found lots of shells and got sunburned on my calves and forearms. Because I'm a hottie. So there.


RoMo said…
Good for you on the exercise! When I first read that you refrained from buying Dove, I thought of Dove personal care products, like soap or shampoo, and wondered why you were boycotting. Then it occurred to me that you were talking about the chocolates. I guess it's good that my mind goes in that direction, eh?
Heather Eddy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather Eddy said…
I went back and changed the post to clarify that I meant CHOCOLATE! I'm still showering and stuff. Yay me!

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