Nothing Much

The weekend is at an end now and I'm starting the beginning of my new work schedule. This week I need to remember where I am at three different locations over the course of five days. Here's hoping I can keep it all straight!

In other news: Kiff is exploring the feeling of being sick. I don't know how he really feels, but I have shown him how to go to the toilet if he thinks he's going to throw up. It's now his go-to place for every kind of negative feeling.

Last night he insisted on sitting in front of the toilet so he "could feel better". I was doing something else and suddenly realized it was quiet. Here's why:

Good thing I cleaned it the day before.


RoMo said…
So cute. And gross.
Allyson said…
Does he think the toilet has healing powers? Too cute sis. Love it.
~j~ said…
Poor guy. Is he okay?

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