Thinking Thoughtful Thoughts

The longer I work on this monthly meal-planning thing, the more I'm getting accustomed to working within boundaries and frameworks. For instance, yesterday I figured out exactly what things I need to have in my refrigerator. The list is relatively short. I also weeded the fridge of all the excess (haven't used in nearly a year and was only keeping cos I *might* need it someday) stuff. It wasn't really a lot - mostly odd bottles of salad dressing and other weird condiments that had been hanging around since we moved last year). It was weird to see the fridge clean and organized. I showed Brian and he agreed that it was much easier to find things. I'm going to print the inventory and put it up in the refrigerator so we always know what goes where (that will help the kids know where to put things) and also what we need if we use something up.

Now I'm looking with an eye to simplifying my food cupboards. We have a billion cans of vegetables that we don't eat. I got them when I was on a prepare-for-the-worst kick. But we don't eat canned vegetables. Except for tomatoes that we make into salsa. I will clean them out and take them to my sister in law's house. Their family DOES eat canned veggies. (I wouldn't throw them away so don't worry!)

Simplifying feels really good. My OCD makes it hard to focus on things, so having extraneous distractions gone will help my peace of mind.


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