Lunatic Days

I prefer pictures when I blog. Unfortunately, I'm unable to load them easily for some reason (our Internet is a bit wonky with pics right now). That's why I haven't blogged. So now you know.

I've been working at getting my beads and other art supplies organized. Brian hasn't complained, but our bedroom looks like a construction zone - or the bedroom of a lunatic. There are piles of plastic bins to be sorted that are stacked in front of his closet. Boxes of assorted art supplies are in front of the sliding glass window. A large flat cardboard box is resting against his Wave Master (punching bag thing) and there are glass jars full of shells, acorns and seed pods all over every other flat surface.

There are magical days where my mind is focused and organizing is a breeze. Months' worth of detritus is cleared and put away in a matter of minutes. How do I help those days to happen now? I'm tired of the months' worth of detritus. I don't know where to put everything! Maybe it has something to do with living in an apartment...

Yesterday I took a small paint set (the one I've been carrying around since high school and is still the most perfect thing in the world) to work. I haven't painted in forever and have been spiritually slobbering to do so. During my lunch hour, I cleared off a spot on my desk and took out a small piece of watercolor paper. I tore it down to about 3x5 and used my favorite ink pen (black, waterproof) to draw a border around the edge. I divided the resulting box into sections (I love the concept of orthogons - don't know if it's what I'm actually *doing*, but I pretend...) and drew a house surrounded by seven trees. Since this is my first drawing in months, the house turned out too complicated, but I forgive myself. The trees aren't exactly what I want (they looked like corn dogs on sticks), but I also forgive myself for this. The proportions of the drawing are just right. At the bottom, I put a space to write words. It gives it a sort of illuminated manuscript look (without the calligraphy - just regular writing). I'll try to post a picture of it later. It felt good.


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