Crafting 365/ Day 5

The Disneyland weekend was sweet and Brian got lots of good information for his Haunted Mansion book. I only had a few minutes to work on anything for myself, folding a few pages of a book while waiting for Fantasmic to start. The pictures I took to for my Crafting 365 turned out horrible, but they are proof for myself that I worked - even on vacation!

I've been spending what little time I have at home (Kenneth Calvin is really needy right now) organizing my beads for my Etsy shop. I invested in a few extra ink cartridges and reams of cardstock. I went through all of my bead files on my computer and printed out copies of all the different ones (more than 150). Now I've been making up folders to keep all the extra printouts in (so I always have some on hand), and I'm thinking about also keeping the actual beads in there, too. Not sure how that'll work with space, though.

Last night I got finished with labeling all my folders. Tonight I guess I'll put the printouts in them and maybe even put baggies of beads in there, too, just to see if it works.

I'm hungry to make jewelry, though. It's been too long! Maybe the kid will play by himself for a bit tonight...


Anonymous said…
Hi there!

I found you in the "Shop Local" section of Etsy and wanted to let you know...I was thinking about submitting an article to the Bakersfield Southwest Voice about Etsy featuring Bakersfield shops. Is there one picture or item from your shop I could use in the article? I will of course put your shop link and maybe if you want to give me like a 1 or 2 sentence description of your shop...?? I've already been communicating with one of the ladys of the Southwest voice and she knows about Etsy and was excited about the article idea so I think I could make the print version! :) If you would like to be included, please let me know by Wednesday, August 27th.


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