Being Comfortable in My Skin

For a while now, I've been mulling over the idea of a blog. I've even started a couple of other blogs, trying to find my voice.
What aspect of my life do I want to talk about? My job? I don't really identify with being a librarian; in fact, I find that I spend a lot of time trying to be un-stereotypical. Yes, I know that's a waste, but there it is. My family? I am married to someone with a family background in law enforcement. Apparently, so I'm told, everyone in the world is a pervert and any mention of my family will target them for those perverts. I am not strong enough to fight against the family ill-will to talk about them (although since I DO have a family, they will impact my blog sometimes). My art? Hmm...
This confusion reminds me of when I was in college. I started out as a psych major and then changed to early childhood education. It only took two weeks for me to switch to graphic design and then back to psychology. I was still uneasy. Just so you know, it was my sophomore year (or was it my junior?) and I was fighting a time crunch. If I was going to decide, it had to be soon.
Now, something you should know is that all this time, I'd made room in my schedule each semester to take an art class. These were just the non-major classes, but they gave me time to be "me." I'd given brief thought to being an art major, but I had no desire to be one of those people who wore all black, spouted quotations from dead poets and, in general, creeped me out. But one day I was in English class and a thought came into my mind. What if I wrote a list of pros and cons about being an art major? So I did. I wish I could remember what they were, but the point is, the pros won. And I thought, why not? So, the next day, I changed my major to art and never looked back. It took me an extra semester (or two?) to graduate, but I got my BFA in watercolor and was pretty happy with my education.
This blog confusion seems to be the same thing. I look around everywhere but at the obvious - I love doing art/craft. So there. So now I will blog about it.


i'm just finding your blog (via etsy) and it looked interesting to me so I went back to your first post (i usually start there). then when i read this post i was even more intrigued with your blog. i graduated from college with a fine art major, psych minor and have been in advertising ever since as a graphic designer. my daughter is a freshman at college and trying to figure out what she wants to do - she started out as a photography major but i think has changed it to graphic design.
anyway i'm anxious to visit more of your posts.

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