It's Friday! It's Friday! - March 27, 2020

I've now been working from home for an entire week.

By noon today I was feeling really antsy - after checking in with coworkers, we found that we were ALL feeling antsy. It's strange working from home - it's like being in a candy shop while on a diet. You are surrounded by wonderfulness that you can't enjoy! I'm home, but not allowed to do homey things.

On the other hand, I am very grateful to be employed and getting a paycheck right now. :(

At 4:30pm sharp, I closed out my email, X-ed out Microsoft teams and got off of every website that had to do with work. I turned on my glue gun and worked a bit more on my flower ball.

This sucker is HUGE. I found some typing paper from decades ago - it's a beautiful texture, kinda scratchy and thick. It's a beautiful, creamy white color. I cut it into squares forever ago and had a huge stack that I thought would make a beautiful piece.

It's bigger than my head, bigger than a basketball, bigger than .... ?

Tomorrow Brian has to work on inventory - he is in the food/ag industry, so his manufacturing facility is considered "essential" - and Kiff and I will be alone again. But this time we're not doing schoolwork or work work.  (It's been strange this week - Kiff was given schoolwork that was just for "7th graders" - not kids in the GATE program. Naturally, he's breezing through it and running off to play video games. I promise I'm not the kind of mom who says my kids can play all day long, but when I'm working on WORK, I don't pay attention to him every moment and then I find that he's been off playing for hours before I realize he's hardly done anything! He's now got a ton of other extra things I'm choosing for him to do. He's been making the bread for two days now - I'm going to ensure he can always feed himself in the future. Then he'll learn how to mend a tear & sew on a button. After that, we've got language learning programs & LinkedIn Learning through work that he can do)

I just looked over and my cat is sitting on my mouse. She's so weird.


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