Confusion- March 20, 2020

Today I packed up my workplace and brought it home. Even though my library system was shut down on Tuesday, I expected to be able to come in and work at my computer since I'm usually all alone down there. No such luck. The governor's shelter-in-place edict last night changed everything. My boss gave me permission to go in & get supplies for other staff to empty book drops during the shutdown. I gathered up my things and took out 4 bags of stuff. (Yikes - imagine when I actually retire and really leave!). It's still in my living room.

I set the alarm & dead-bolted the door. I've dreamed of having time to get things done & this is that dream come true. Well, actually, it's a tiny bit nightmarish...

I've not understood nor entertained the idea that this situation was as serious as it's being made out to be. Will we be gone a week? A month? Can it possibly be longer? How can that be real?

Sometimes I'm a little dramatic - that's the eldest child in me. I watched the rear view mirror and wondered when I'd be back. Now I'll be at home and there won't be a separation between work & home (ay-yi-yi). It's time to sleep. Maybe I'll feel like doing art again soon.


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