A Study in Scribbles - March 2, 2020

Yesterday I posted a pic of a bunch of hearts that I'd scribbled on. The response I got from people on IG was really positive and made me want to try some more scribbling. I love the delicate lines and the curves & loops. Tonight I practiced on a few paintings that were misfits because there would be no loss if it all went bottoms up - and they turned out very interesting - I like how they look.

For work today I was with a group of library staff and we started going through a 40-foot container full to the brim with boxes of books. The library had a problem and it got closed very suddenly. It's been shut down for remodeling since last May & we weren't sure if the books had survived. They did! We planned on spending 5 Mondays going through the books & weeding out the damaged ones. We are going to need a million Mondays... oh. my. gosh.

If I sit too long, my whole body stiffens up. I'm going to sleep like a rock tonight.


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