All Things Paper Book Review

As someone who loves paper craft so much, I’m always on the lookout for new books on the art. On a whim, I entered a contest on Goodreads and was lucky enough to win a copy of “All Things Paper” by Ann Martin. Ann runs the website which is full Full FULL of papercraft designs and ideas. In her book she gathered twenty different paper artists together to share their ideas. I hoped to find something new and interesting to try.

The Table of Contents divides up the projects by type: Home D├ęcor, Fashion Accessories, Jewelry, and Correspondence. The projects themselves turned out to be fairly standard: candle luminaries, paper flowers, greeting cards and paper jewelry. Each of these fairly common projects is given a twist to make them something unique to each of the artists. 

Being that I am a book folder, I found the Phone Book Letter Holder the most interesting idea in the bunch. I saw it the first time I opened the book and was intrigued. One of my Read books has been pressed into service on my piano to hold correspondence and paper bills waiting to be paid (hello DMV renewal!). The time had come to replace it with something a little more lovely.


I finished the project in under an hour, changing out some of the materials to suit those I had at hand. I preferred the look of  a regular (although cut in half) book and book paper to ribbon and a phone book. Mounting the finished project onto a small, vintage book completed the fabulousness!

Other projects which look interesting include the Jungle Beads Necklace (although hand-coloring individual paper beads might be something I have the patience to do only when I’m in the hospital with a broken leg!), the fine paper yarn necklace (oh WOW!) and the Frameable Tree Card. It has intricate leaf cut-outs that also might require the broken leg, but I can’t stop thinking about it!

This book is good for all levels of paper crafters and has projects to appeal to a general audience. The pictures and directions are detailed and easy to see. It’s a valuable addition to the library of most paper 

Find more reviews for All Things Paper at Amazon. Thanks again to Tuttle Publishing for this fun gift!


Ann Martin said…
SO much fun to read your review, Heather. I'm glad you put your own spin on the Phone Book Letter Holder and turned it into an objet d'art that suits your style perfectly! I don't want to wish you a broken leg, but I hope someday we'll get to see your beads and tree card. :)
Jo Murray said…
I'm a sucker for art books. Thanks for the review on this one.

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