Itsy-Bitsy Teeny Tiny Stars

This past weekend was General Conference. On Saturday I just sat and listened. On Sunday I decided to use my hands while I listened. Remember back when I made these stars (at Conference, too!)? Well, now I've made them with 1/8" quilling paper. (Thank you, dear Allyson, for my Christmas present!)

And I will make earrings with them. Yes I will.


Allyson said…
You are welcome! Those are so cute.
Unknown said…
I followed your links for the tutorials for how to fold these stars. It was interesting to watch and try it out. I got lost half way through but I had a lot of interruptions; but I did understand the instructions very well. This is a really interesting craft. I don't know how you could do ones that are so tiny. There is a site that offers the stips of paper at I cut strips myself with copy paper but the real beauty of them seems to be in the jewel-like colors of the paper used. One woman even makes baby star mobiles. I've promised myself that I will work on how to craft these until I can do it without the tutorial. I don't know where you find the time, Heather, to do all you do.

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