Oh Happy Vacation!

I am on vacation from the library this week and what a joy it is!

The list of things to do is long and art is on there in between the trips to the post office and deep cleaning projects...

My Mormon Lent is still a-going on in my life and things have happened because of it. Some good. Some not what I expected (and good in spite of that).

More people are writing to tell me how they are using the Fancy Folds tutorial. Here's a photo from Stephanie Phillips from Tattered Trinkets who said, "Just wanted to show you my first completed "fancy font" project that I made using the techniques from your instructional book.  Hope it makes you proud!  Lol. I know it does me....your techniques are sooooo much easier to follow than other instructions I found out there....well worth [it]!

Check out Stephanie's Facebook page for more of her book folding crafts and antiques. While you are at it, check out the Rhymes With Magic Art page, too!


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