Book Origami is BACK!

I have been thanking God in my prayers so much lately that my brain has come back.

I have seriously missed it. Depression is like death inside. I envy those people who can pour out their grief into art and doing. Me, I barely exist... Bleh.

Anyway, I took pictures of all my books which are finished. It was weird to go through the house and find all the half-folded books I've squirreled away on random shelves and dresser tops. My hubsand is very patient.

Here are a couple of pictures of what I've put in the shop. Just to prove I'm living again.


Unknown said…
So good to know that you have/are coming out the other side. Sometimes it is a slow way through.Don't forget to thank yourself for finding/recognizing your way.

These books are gorgeous.Now that we can see them wholy , their features really show as quite intricate.
Tabea said…
i made this on my one, with your picture in my head. here's the result:
it's really fun and i like this way of recycling old or bad books (my "bookworm"-book was a book my mom AND me read wen we were about 10 years old. so it's over 30 years :DD)

from Im Kopf eines Bookaholic
Heather Eddy said…
That looks so fun! Thank you for sharing it!

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