Up To No Good... Well, Not Really

Guess what! I did some administrative housekeeping in my Etsy shop and found that I have a huge albatross of stock that I do not need. In looking over my sales over the past 18 months, I've discovered that I have a standard core of best-sellers (word jewelry-wise) and a shift in focus from jewelry to book folding.

I have decided to keep a core of word jewelry stock in my shop for book- and library-lovers (and myself). It's about 40-odd items' worth. The rest? Well, for $5-8 a pop, they are yours. After they are gone, they are gone. I went through all of my extra beads (printed, not rolled) last night and dumped everything that isn't part of my core stock. Now I have to go through my existing stock and list what I have so I can free up my mind for other, more important things.

Those important things? Mostly folded books and patterns. I want to try to have free ones on my blog and more in the shop to sell for 99¢-$4.99.


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