Nargles Make My Brain Go Fuzzy

I've got a couple of things going on in life that are weird right now. My dad was put into an assisted living home last week and I am concerned about him. It's caused a bit of a division in the family and, as eldest child, have had the burden of uniting the siblings (there are seven of us) and trying to soothe everyone. (edit - I've received emails from friends concerned that my siblings might be being difficult - NOT SO!!! My siblings and I have been working together to figure out a solution to a situational problem with something else - please pardon the vague-osity- and THEY ARE WONDERFUL! Love them! Love them!)  It's not working. I find that my emotional burdens make creativity stall. I sit and stare into space, ruing that I'm wasting time, but not having any ability to do anything. I have nargles in my brain. I swear that's why I can't (yet another edit that I didn't catch at first...) think or act coherently right now.

A friend of mine in Hawaii has been having a streak of bad luck that is the worst I've ever seen for someone who's not willfully living wickedly: first, her partner was laid off; second, they had to move into a new rental that is much less desirable of a location than their house on the hill that she loved; third, a dog was killed right in front of her at that new house less than a week after she got there; fourth, she got an unexpected pay cut at work. I think that's the worst one. Hello! Work the same amount and get paid LESS! Woo hoo!

Anyways, I've been working on sending her a postcard a day for a month. I'm about a week into it so far. Since she reads the blog, I cannot show the postcards I'm sending. It's just as well, though. Some of them are stomach-turning. (Holly - just wait until you get the applehead one!!!). I've been collecting funny pictures from donated books at the library and sending them to her along with watercolors and pretty things. You know, just to help alleviate the effects of the curse she's under. It gives me a reason to make art and crafts that I've wanted to make but really had no use for. There's a volcano or two around there that she can sacrifice them into.

Hence, no pictures... shhhh!


Holly said…
Oh no! Is your dad ok? Emotional stress burns a body out. It's foggy and strange. I hope your siblings get it together. Is there anything more unnerving than seeing children shrug off their aging parents, as future old-age-persons ourselves? Scary stuff.

And you are so amazing! I am gathering the goodies for a big reveal. Just got the skull-flower pin, it is awesome. They are tangible proof that the bad streak may have run its course. I'm too superstitious to cheer yet, because a house will land on me. Love you!

Heather Eddy said…
Dad is actually doing very well! Some sisters went to visit him today and he seems happy as a clam. He gets to watch TV as much as he likes and that suits him just fine. :)

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